Review – ‘Sinister’ (2012)

Once you see him, nothing can save you.

Once you see him, nothing can save you.


The scariest film of 2012 by far, had me screaming.  There are few films that leave a disturbing impression after watching them. Few films bring  on nightmares after watching them. Sinister is terrifying.  Writer and Director, Scott Derrickson delves into the consequences when one searches the answers of mysteries one is not ready to face.  Be careful what you wish for rings true.

Ethan Hawke in Sinister

Ethan Hawke in Sinister

Ethan Hawke portrays, Ellison Oswalt, a true crime non-fiction writer who is attempting to find the fame he once had before tragically investigating a crime that ruined the lives and careers of himself and those involved.    Ellison moves his family from their home to a house we find out is the scene of a grizzly crime which he intends to solve.


The grizzly crime is the first and shocking scene in the film and sets the tone of them film. Part of a set of 8mm found footage film, Ellison discovers this is just the first of shocking and disturbing crimes which he is intent in solving. Reminiscent of The Ring and Red Dragon, Sinister brings horror to a whole new level.


Sinister is adds a fresh twist to the found footage horror genre.  Hinting on the atrocities committed, the film’s horror relies on what it actually doesn’t show but what is implied that has happened.  Sinister teases with the life of a struggling family which tragically unravels when Ellison begins to piece the crimes together.


I give Sinister a full sequence Cinemapede. Watch it with a friend or date.

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