Review – Juan of the Dead (2010)

He's Havana Killer Day

He’s Havana Killer Day

The best zombie comedy flick I’ve seen this year was by far and hilariously ‘Juan of the Dead’ (2010). Set in Havana, Cuba, the film follows Juan and his sidekick, Lazaro. Both are lazy and have made a simple life for themselves as thieves.  Violent attack on comrades breaks out in Cuba.  Blaming the attacks on dissidents back by the US government, the situation gets out of control and Juan is convinced that these are not dissidents.

Juan of the Dead and his death wielding posse

Juan of the Dead and his death wielding posse

He takes it upon himself to get together his motley crew of friends to join him and start a business called Juan of the Dead to destroy the zombie friends and relatives for a fee. Business is booming but soon they realize that there is no on left in Havana and they must find a way to leave the island. Go to Miami?

The Dead Walk!... in Havana

The Dead Walk!… in Havana

The laughs are ample and the gore is sufficient. Watch this with friends and have a great dead time. I give ‘Juan of the Dead’  three cinemapede sequences.  ‘Juan of the Dead’  is written and directed by Alejandro Brugues.

A Zombie Revolution!

A Zombie Revolution!

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